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TiungSat in orbit

Early this morning Malaysian time, TiungSat-1 was activated from the command
station at UKM University (9M2MCS) in Kualur Lumpur, Malaysia.  Excelent
telemetry was received showing that the spacecraft was in good health.
Telemetry was also received at the Surrey groundstation 1 hour later while
the satellite was in sunlight and this confirmed that the solar arrays were
generating power and the battery was fully charged.

Currently the spacecraft is transmitting VLSI telemetry which is not
(generally) decodable without special hardware.  As soon as the flight
software is running I'll release the telemetry config file.

The downlink is on 437.325 and is on at all times.  Today we will load up
the flight software and start the attitude control.  With only 1 pass night
and morning over Malaysia it will take some time to get everything running.

More information as it happens...

Chris G7UPN
(Kuala Lumpur)

Please note: I am not receiving amsat-bb mail while in Malaysia so please
send any replies direct to me (and also to the list if you like).

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