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P3D G3RUH 9600 telemetry decoding


I'm aware that during the initial post-launch period, P3D will be sending
9600bps telemetry back to earth. Now it's not going to be packet, just a
pure data stream.

The theory, as I understood it from James G3RUH, was that we hook up the
9600 modem portion of our TNCs to the serial port of a computer and capture
as much telemetry as we can in the capture mode of a terminal emulator.

We then e-mail it to James.

James will be collating all the incoming e-mails and producing something out
of it.

Now my question is is am I right in thinking I can simply hook up a MAX-232
circuit to the modem header and plug it into my computer? If that's the case
things will be rather simple. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing anything?

Thanks & 73 Howard G6LVB

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