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Fw: ARLS011 Phase 3D Set for Halloween Launch!

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Subject: ARLS011 Phase 3D Set for Halloween Launch!

> ARLS011 Phase 3D Set for Halloween Launch!
> QST de W1AW
> Space Bulletin 011  ARLS011
> From ARRL Headquarters
> Newington, CT  September 26, 2000
> To all radio amateurs
> ARLS011 Phase 3D Set for Halloween Launch!
> The next-generation Phase 3D Amateur Radio satellite is set to go
> into space on Halloween! The launch agency Arianespace said that in
> addition to Phase 3D, an Ariane 5 rocket would attempt to orbit the
> PAS 1R, STRV 1C and STRV 1D satellites on Tuesday, October 31.
> Earlier information from AMSAT and Arianespace had indicated that
> Phase 3D would not be launched any earlier than November 3. The
> launch will take place at the European Spaceport in Kourou, French
> Guiana, South America.
> Arianespace says the mission will mark the first use of the Ariane
> Structure for Auxiliary Payloads platform, designed to carry mini or
> microsatellites as secondary payloads. AMSAT officials were
> encouraged by the successful September 14 Ariane 5 launch that
> placed two communication satellites in orbit.
> Launch preparations for the October 31 Ariane 507 Phase 3D flight
> officially got under way September 18 in Kourou and are proceeding
> ''on target,'' according to AMSAT-Germany Executive Vice President
> Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, who is heading the P3D launch team.
> AMSAT News Service reports that RF testing has been successfully
> completed. The solar panel simulators have been disconnected, and
> P3D is now kept alive by a umbilical charging system. The next tasks
> are to close out the equipment bays and install the solar panels.
> Team member Chuck Green, N0ADI, has been serving as Guelzow's
> primary assistant in Kourou. ''Because P3D is such a complex
> satellite, a lot of work is involved in checking it all out and
> getting it ready to launch,'' he said. He reports that team members
> have been making use of amateur UHF hand-helds to communicate among
> themselves during the launch preparations.
> Green says interface cables for connecting to P3D just prior to
> launch have been fabricated, and the 400 N engine was installed.
> Power was applied to the satellite and the ability to communicate
> with it was verified. In addition, leak testing of the satellite
> fuel system was successfully completed, along with a complete
> checkout of the various transmitters, receivers, experiments, and
> support functions.
> Once everything is ready, the rocket and the satellite payload
> packages it will carry will be integrated in the Spaceport's Final
> Assembly Building.
> The launch team has established a Web site that includes photographs
> of the team preparing the satellite. It's at
> http://www.amsat-dl.org/launch/ .
> A launch contract accepting Phase 3D as a payload for the first
> suitable Ariane 5 launch vehicle was signed last fall. For more
> information about Phase 3D, visit the AMSAT-NA Web site,
> http://www.amsat.org/.
> /EX

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