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Re: digital satellite operation

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Bert McClellan wrote about WISP:

> ...  What other program can you start, go back to bed, or to work and
> hours later check back in to Wisp and find the downloaded messages and
> see that the messages you had prepared have been sent?  I cannot imagine
> what you do not like about Wisp...

Maybe I can offer something... Please do not take this as a complaint at
all, but with WISP, it feels like it isolates me (the HAM user) from my
radio and the experience of "operating" satellites.

After getting excited about the PACSATS and having worked MIR, SAREX and
others, after I finally got a PACSAT station running and discovered it was
designed only for AUTOMATIC unattended operations, with no potential to
QSO anyone in real time, I lost interest the same day...  Yes, I can
exchange messages with far-flung operators, but I can do that quicker and
far more reliably with Email.  the thrill just isn't there...

> Once you have it programed, it will predict the passes,
> control the antennas, upload and download messages automatically.

And that is why I find it no fun and in general, not a stimulating HAM
radio experience.  It is very much fun to "build" my station, to "hook it
all up" and to "write" software to do these things.  And the joy of seeing
it all work in automatic is truely GRATIFYING..  But then...  boring...

Conversly, the fun of "interpersonal HAM-to-HAM" excitement shines in the
"real-time" birds (AO27, UO14, SO35 for voice and UO22 & SO35 for APRS
packet).  In fact, it even lets us yell and fuss at each other too! hi hi

The PACSATS perform a fantastic mission...  But it is quite different
from many peoples previous amateur radio experiences...

Just a thought... for what its worth...

de WB4APR, Bob

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