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Re: UO-22

> > Hello everyone, I am interested in hearing from anyone that is working
> > UO-22. Station setup..ect. Also KO-23 and KO-25.
> > Thanks,   Mike KB5WBH

I use a 2m (19.75") whip over a 1 meter groundplane.  I can hear all
passes of UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, and SO35 when they are above 20 degrees
or so.  And the antenna is dual band, so it is perfect for the uplink
also.  Yes, this, I can only work about 1/3rd of the pass, but at these
angles, the antenna can be on the roof of my car or on my picnic table and
still see the whole sky (above 20 deg).

OR, just put it out the window above your gutter to keep the coax run to
less than 15 feet or so and you can work em easily and decide if it is
worth the $1000  additional expense for Beams, rotators, masts, towers,
preamps and power  amps to get the other half of the passes below 20 deg
at the long end of 75 feet of coax...

Just a data point.

de WB4APR, Bob

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