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RE: Want to Homebrew a Preamp

> (Even though I'm guilty as hell for blasting a question out without 
> researching it sometimes)
> I own a lot of the Sat Journals, but most are incredibly out of date 
> now.  That can really discourage people from buying them sometimes.

I'll throw in my 2c worth.  I have nothing against textbooks or other
written work, but a common problem here is that such material is sometimes
difficult to obtain, or is very expensive by the time it hits our shores
(especially with our current woeful exchange rate).

OTOH, sometimes, it's reassuring to have that pile of dead trees in front of
you, when pondering a difficult problem. :-)  However, I find electronic
distribution and informal discussion lists like this one are forming an ever
increasing part of my sources.

Whatever form knowledge is in, if it's good and true, it ahould be
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