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Garage Cleaning + WTB

For Sale:

1) Fiberglass Boom Kit.  This heavy duty 3-piece kit (sold by M2 for $129) 
has the solid aluminum center piece (fits the G-5400) and two 60" fiberglass 
sections; 11' overall.  $60 + $12 shipping.

2) Coaxial Relays (2 of each type are available):  
 - Amphenol, New-Old-Stock, 26 Vdc (work fine at 13.8 Vdc), N-conn, 
UHF/uWave, 4-port.  $35 + $2.50 shipping (each).  I use this kind on my 
satellite antennas.
 - Dynatech , look new but not sure, N-conn, MIL spec, UHF/uWave, 28 Vdc 
(will probably work fine at 13.8 Vdc), 4-port, with relay contacts on a DIN 
connector. $25 + $2.50 shipping (each).
 - Advanced (look just like DowKey), New-In-Box old stock, 12 Vdc, UHF 
conn.(SO-239), SPDT, $40 + $2.50 shipping (each).
 - Tamagawa (very small), SPDT, 12 Vdc, 2 GHz, looks new, BNC connectors, $20 
+ $2.50

3) HTX-100 10 meter transceiver (virgin, no mods done), good condition with 
only minor scuffs.  25 W out CW/SSB, with original manual and stock power 
cord, mobile bracket, and microphone.  $75 + $10 shipping.

4) Heathkit HM-102, 2 KW power/SWR meter, only fair condition, but no dents 
or scratches.  Face is in good shape.  Has the remote-able sensor with 6'
lead and a copy of the manual.  This is a nice companion to the SB-2xx amps.  
$50 + $5 shipping.

I can take a picture of any of the above if you need one.

Things I'm looking to find:

1) 23 cm transmit converter--anything?
2) HW-8 for parts.  Even just the case?
3) Bencher RJ-1 CW key
4) 100 MHz MB with Intel/AMD uP > 300 MHz, with >= 32 MB
5) Motorola MRF-477 
6) Ameritron AL-811

Jerry, K5OE
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