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RE: Want to Homebrew a Preamp

Well... I don't mean to flame anybody either, but here goes.

Just because it is written does not mean it is the best, or even that it
Ham radio is not my only hobby, maybe not even my primary hobby.  Guns and
shooting (naaa... don't believe it) probably take up more of my time than

One of the things shooters do for one or more of several reasons is to
ammunition.  The reasons do not matter, but the point is that there are so
many things that can affect the performance of any given combination of
cartridge case, primer, powder charge, and bullet weight.  If every shooter
did only his own work, we might still be using black powder.

I have a multitude of reloading manuals.  I refer to them nearly every time
step up the reloading bench.  But you know what... nothing is so
reassuring as a quick E-mail from a trusted reloader telling you that yes
you can reload .30 Carbine with Alliant Unique, but you would get much
better performance with Hogdon H-110.  The point is...  Sharing knowledge.

Sharing knowledge.  I thought that is what the internet, and ham radio,
was all about.  If something I say can keep some operator in a place where
mail needs 4 weeks to get to from ordering junk, why not.  Maybe there isn't
a library, or even a book store, in that country.

If sharing experiences and suggestions on what works, what is not so good,
and especially... what is a turkey... isn't what this list is for, then I
I subscribed by accident.  Thanks to those of you, who at the risk of being
jumped on, saved me from wasting money on things that wouldn't meet
my needs.  Word of mouth is truth in advertising.

I - for one - appreciate your research, and sharing it so that I don't
it, and poorly, at my own expense.  And I try to return the favor when I


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> I don't want to sound like I'm flaming or trashing anybody
> on this, but do people really see no value in books or
> other paper references anymore?
> As somebody who writes things from time to time, and as
> somebody who has spent a great deal of money on books (some
> of them quite expensive), it matters to me. And, yes, it
> bugs me too.
> Laura Halliday VE7LDH

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