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1.296 GHz antenna questions

Hello all,

I'm interested in hearing about what brand/model etc. of antenna people are 
using for mode L (1.296 MHz).  I'll be using 1.2GHz from the shack--not a 
mast-mounted transverter.

I see M^2 sells two--a 5' one and a 10' one.  I am curious about 
performance/quality of these two antennas in particular.

I have a homebrew 435 helix that I love.  I intend to make a 16 turn helix 
for 2.4 GHz.  Thanks to G3RUH for providing good "how-to's" for both of 
these!  I may figure out the dimensions and build a 1.296 homebrew helix as 
well, but I thought I would at least consider commercial options.

Thanks in advance,

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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