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Conferences and Antennas

During the TAPR/ARRL DCC I was able to keep a Satellite demo station
running throughout the conference because we were lucky enough to have had
the conference in a room that was only 120' from "sky".

Had we been in Montego "D" intead of Venice "A", the coax run would have
been 500'.  So it is a good thing to have on the checklist of any AMATEUR
RADIO CONFERENCE to ask for a conference room that is as close to the
outside edge of the building as possible.

Going out through the hotel service doors, through some service rooms, and
bingo.. SKY!  With a preamp (run on 9v battery) and a 3/4 wave 435 MHz
omni, we were able to at least get a few minutes of something from the 7
FM voice and digital satellties during their 42 passes of the conference
without having to drag people out to the parking lot...

de WB4APR, Bob

Next time I will power the preamp via the coax, so I can save the 9v
battery... (p.s.  It was 120' of RG-58 that I brought in my briefcase!
It fit easily under the crack under the ALARMED emergency exit door.

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