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RE: uo14 bad traffic

> That could be frustrating.  Their are those who would argue 
> that the same 
> thing happens in the US, however, I can legitimately say that 
> it's really 
> not the case.  Yeah, it's usually the same group of guys 
> every pass.  Hell, 
> I'm one of them.

Hmm, might not be a good time to admit that. ;-)  I could be accused of
doing the same, but I try and give everyone a fair go (i.e. sit in the
background if there's lots of other stations about, and pop up every now and

> Maybe you should send him a tactful email explaining his lack of 
> etiquette.  If he doesn't relax and slow down, then get an amplifier, 

This might be a good idea.  Might want to include a link to my "Satiquette"
article at http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/satiquette.html (one way to drop a not
so subtle hint! ).

> directional antennas, and just blast over top of him.  Yeah, 
> it's rude, but 
> sometimes, it's the only way get the message.

You do risk starting a power war, especially if he's got good equipment and
not getting the hint.  Then it might degenerate to something approximating
UHF CB repeaters in the major cities here...  Encouraging other operators
not to work him (or anyone else who behaves in a similar manner) might be
another tactic to try.  Conversely, if a weak and/or well behaved station
pops up, give them a call straight away, to get the message home. :)

> The real problems we have here as of late, are people who 
> like to jam the 
> satellites for one reason or another.  Fortunately, I have a 
> lot of power 
> and good antennas.

Had a few of those, and power is often a good way to deal with them, they
eventually get bored, if you don't acknowledge them, and then you can drop
the power back down to sane levels. :-)
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