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FO-20 observations

Hi all,
    With the current battery health of FO-20 I thought I would pass
along these observations.  Early Saturday morning I worked FO-20 during
a pass at about 0730z as it traveled northward over the central U.S.
This was right at the end of a 34 minute 50 second eclipse according to
Nova.  I called CQ many times throughout the pass and was the only one
on the bird until about 4 minutes before the end of the eclipse when I
started talking to Alex - XE1MEX.  The conversation went just fine until
about 1 minute before the end of eclipse when the satellite abruptly
shut off.  This was presumed to have been in it's low voltage protection
mode as has been reported here recently.  Within seconds of the
satellite reentering sunlight (according to Nova), the transponder
switched back on and it was working fine again.
    These observations would be consistant with the believed dying
battery condition that has been reported here.  I am going to speculate
that prior to me starting to call CQ when the satelllite was at about
10N and 95W it had either little or no usage at all during the earlier
part of the eclipse and therefore had comparitively less battery drain.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-9999
AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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