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NOAA-16 news (2)


The NOAA-L polar orbit weather satellite was launched Sep 21 from
Vandenberg; it will now be renamed NOAA 16. The satellite is an Advanced
Tiros N model built by Lockheed Martin and carries a suite of imaging
and sounding instruments. The two-stage Titan II launch vehicle, serial
23G-13, put NOAA-L in a suborbital trajectory of approximately -2500 x
800 km x 98.0 deg. The spacecraft's Thiokol Star 37XFP solid motor fired
at apogee to circularize the sun-synchronous orbit at around 800 km. The
NOAA satellites form the POES (Polar Operational Environmental
Satellite) low orbit constellation which complements the GOES
geostationary constellation, and are the programmatic descendants of the
original Tiros 1 weather satellite launched in 1960. They are developed
by NASA-GSFC and operated by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA). Mass of NOAA 16 after orbit insertion is about
1476 kg.

1 26536U 00055A   00265.61930214  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    58
2 26536  98.7900 210.3675 0010476 274.6981  85.3501 14.10895524    30

Frequency 137.620 MHz


SATOPS MORNING REPORT - September 22, 2000 

NOAA-L Daily Status Report (Abridged copy) 

Activities Completed 

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) was turned on and
engineering data verifies nominal operation. The Advanced Microwave Sounding
Unit-B (AMSU B) was also turned on successfully. 


The spacecraft subsystems are all reporting routine operations.  The
spacecraft will be placed into "encrypted mode" for commanding during the
next 24 hours. 

Ground System 
Some minor ground system problems with regards to data coming into SOCC have
appeared and contingencies were utilized. 

Planned Activities 

Another playback of the launch boost data to the Fairbanks CDA is planned in
order to guarantee that pre-launch and ascent data is archived. 

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