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saudisat-1a/1b tiungsat-1

i published this message in the arrl letter that came out today. 

Delayed amateur satellite launches rescheduled: Three Amateur Radio 
satellites are set to be launched September 27. SAUDISAT-1A and 
SAUDISAT-1B and TIUNGSAT-1 had been scheduled for launch from 
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on August 25, but Mark Kanawati, 
N4TPY, reports the launch was automatically halted seconds prior to takeoff 
due to an abnormal pressure indication in the rocket, and a decision was 
made to replace the launch vehicle. The vehicle is a Soviet SS-18 rocket--a 
ballistic missile being reworked for peaceful purposes. Turki Al Saud, the 
Director of Space Research Institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has informed 
AMSAT that the SAUDISATs will be able to operate 9600 baud digital store-
and-forward as well as FM "bent pipe" mode. The uplinks will be on VHF and 
the downlinks in UHF (Mode J). The downlink for SAUDISAT-1A is 437.075 
MHz; the downlink for SAUDISAT-1B is 436.775 MHz. The uplinks will be 
published after the satellites have been launched and checked out. A Web 
site is under construction. TIUNGSAT-1, the first Malaysian amateur 
satellite, will offer FM and FSK (at 9.6, 38.4, and 76.8 kB) with uplinks at 
144.46, 145.85, and 145.86 MHz and downlinks at 437.300, 437.325, 
437.350, and 437.375 MHz. The satellite also carries land and weather 
imaging payloads.--AMSAT News Service via Turki Al Saud and Sangat 
Singh, 9M2SS; Bruce Paige, KK5DO  

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