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Re: Need help with FO20 and FO29

A suggestion....

Ask to set up a "SKED" with someone on the reflector....many people will 
probably offer to help.....Set a frequency...announce it on the reflector 
before the pass....

You may end up with people calling you....

That's how Mahana, W5BTS found me...and worked FN42

Unfortunately I don't have 436 uplink capabilities....so call me for the RS's 
or the FM"s..



In a message dated 09/22/2000 2:46:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dbarrows@my-deja.com writes:

<< I was able to hear myself several times on ssb during the last pass of 
FO-29 using my 11 element cushcraft for the uplink and my 70cm eggbeater for 
the downlink from the home station.  I couldn't find anyone to talk to 
though.  There was an QSO that I tried to join but I couldn't get a word in 
edgewise.  (The two operators were commenting about the lack of activity).
 Dave W8IJ 
 Camp Hill, PA FN10 >>
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