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Re: Need help with FO20 and FO29

The Egg II's will work fine if you could put them on a Rotor.  I tested 
this theory buy aiming them at about 30 Degrees, and then using a few rotor 
turns to "Track" the bird as it flew over head.  They are great antennas, 
but they truly are a compromise.  You also don't need to tell me how 
expensive a pair of m2 yagis are, as I recently purchased them.  For the 
full az/el combo, I think I have close to $800 invested right now.  Add a 
preamp, and we're up to a cool grand.

A suggestion though.  If you really enjoy building antennas, why not build 
yourself a pair of 70cm yagis.  Set up a wiring harness to allow them to be 
configured for RHCP.  What you'll notice immediately, is that "Barely 
Heard" turns into "Oh My god that has a strong signal".

There are some great Quagi designs out there that would allow you to build 
them for about $25 a shot.  A Radio shack rotator would be more than enough 
to turn them.  ($70)  If you can't affor an elevation rotor..  Here is a 
thought.  If you were to look at the beamwidth, I suspect you'd find that 
they have at least 20 Degrees of "Visibility".  Even though I have an 
elevation rotor, with the exception of passes over 40 Degrees, I seldom 
adjust it.  If I had to pick something to permanently fix them at, I 
suspect I'd go at about 30 degrees.

I've been down the road you're on.  I have felt your pain..

What part of PA are you in?  My wifes family lives in Ruffs Dale which 
isn't all that far from Greensburg or Pittsburgh.  We're gonna be up there 
more than likely next month.  If you need a hand with any of this, let me know.


At 05:10 9/22/00 -0700, Dave Barrows wrote:
>Thanks for your remarks.
>My 2m Yagi is pointed at the horizon.  I need it that way to work a 
>particularly hard of hearing repeater.  The eggbeaters are eggbeater II 
>design by K5OE pointed straight up, not like Jerry's Texas Potato Mashers 
>on a rotator.
>It looks like I need to stick with cw on the FO birds until I can get 
>dedicated satellite antennas on al/el rotors and a better rig.  At least 
>with cw I can still make some contacts and learn how to deal with the doppler.
>Dave W8IJ
>On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:49:45   Howard Long wrote:
> >A couple of questions... Is your 2m Yagi horizontal, under elevation as well
> >as azimuth control, or is it at a fixed elevation, such as 20 degrees or so?
> >Putting some elevation on may help a bit, especially on overhead passes. On
> >an 'overhead' pass (not that there's many of those), the eggbeaters should
> >be fine. Or have you put the eggbeaters at elevation on a rotator K5OE
> >style?
> >
> >73 Howard G6LVB
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