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Re: Need help with FO20 and FO29


Thanks for your remarks.

My 2m Yagi is pointed at the horizon.  I need it that way to work a particularly hard of hearing repeater.  The eggbeaters are eggbeater II design by K5OE pointed straight up, not like Jerry's Texas Potato Mashers on a rotator.

It looks like I need to stick with cw on the FO birds until I can get dedicated satellite antennas on al/el rotors and a better rig.  At least with cw I can still make some contacts and learn how to deal with the doppler.

Dave W8IJ


On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:49:45   Howard Long wrote:
>A couple of questions... Is your 2m Yagi horizontal, under elevation as well
>as azimuth control, or is it at a fixed elevation, such as 20 degrees or so?
>Putting some elevation on may help a bit, especially on overhead passes. On
>an 'overhead' pass (not that there's many of those), the eggbeaters should
>be fine. Or have you put the eggbeaters at elevation on a rotator K5OE
>73 Howard G6LVB

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