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DSP 2232 interfacing with two rigs.

    In the process of trying to get my self back up and running on the
digital Sats I recently acquired a DSP2232. I am trying to get the most
logical cable set up. I am running the Icom twins271/471 and had installed 9
pin ports to get the audio out,FM discrim out, PPT and  FM mod input  line.
The DSP2232 seams like a nice unit but is configured differently then the
LL-Grace DSP12 I used to have. On the DSP 12 you had input ports (3) you
could assign different radios rx/tx/ptt to different DSP modes. Very handy
as you just had one cable from each radio. On the DSP2232 you have two ports
but no assignable rx/tx/ptt. The obvious would be to wire port 1 lets say
for 9600 fsk and port 2 for 1200 pac-sat. Let wisp do the modem changes in
software. But this would leave the out put for the TX fm modulator connected
to both ports at the same time, I think this will work ok? now lets say I
want to work terrestrial packet, I am going to have to change cables. I was
wondering if I have missed something obvious? Would anyone care to share
their solution?
Thanks in advance

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