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Re: True rule


At 08:03 AM 9/21/00 -0700, Dave Barrows wrote:
>While I understand that the true rule says tune the higher frequency only, 
>it seems that this is seldom done.  Now, my experience is limited to cw 
>contacts on FO-20 and FO-29, but it seems that when one station turns it 
>over to the other, the second station moves his transmit frequency to 
>roughly match the station that just  quit transmitting.

Good practice would have you do just that.  The compensation is needed 
because each operator in a QSO, if separated by a large geographic 
distance, will have a Doppler shift different than your's.  If you engage 
in a multi-operator QSO on the linear birds, this technique is always 
required to keep the "group" together.  Most seasoned operators make this 
adjustment within the first few syllables, once the microphone is passed to 

73, Mike Gilchrist - kf4fdj@amsat.org
Fort Myers, FL

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