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NE1H prediction emailer - more help for those using it

I won't waste the bandwidth to describe it again, but I've again noticed
some general usage errordsthat some of you are making.

The most popular commands are...
and Predict

Satellite  - this command is all but unusable for most of you as there is no
way to associate the results to any other location but mine.  I was just
playing with predict and it's sockets interface and decided to leave it
running, besides it works for my pager in a short abbreviated format.  It
will return some numbers associates with a given sat and its next pass, but
remember, based upon my location outside of Atlanta, only.

Forecast, again, mostly useful for me, unless someone wants to get the
forecast for the Georgia area and then it will take a county parameter, but
only from the state of GA.

Ok, predict.  This is the most useful to those that are interested in a
printable predictions of satellite passes.  It takes 4 parameters.

predict <satname> <location> <timezone> <days>

No brackets of any form are required.  And there are a couple of tricks if a
name has a space in it.  For example.

predict fo20 Chicago CDT 4

This will give you a 4 day prediction in CDT times for fo20 based upon an
observing location of Chicago, ill.

predict rs12 los_angeles utc 6

This will give you a 6 day prediction in utc times for rs12/13 based upon an
observing location of los angeles, ca.

predict uo22 anyplace,_ga edt 2

This will give you a 2 day prediction in edt times for us22 based upon an
observing location of anyplace,_ga.

See, how the underscore char can be used in place of a space and the comma
is still valid and used as a delimiter.  There may be times when you issue a
command and it comes back with more than one location, just be specific and
use the underscore as needed.

Also, you can submit more that one request in any email, just make sure you
put each request on a separate line.

predict fo29 Atlanta edt 6
satellite uo14
forecast gwinnett

There can all on in one email and they are all valid

Hope this helps, I also would like any feedback you'd care to give on
usefulness.  I get about 20-30 hits a day with it and some are getting to be
"regulars".  I update the keps daily so the information should be accurate.
I haven't seen any errors lately either.  Lots of requests for help, but no
significant errors.

I've dropped a couple of you emails to help you out and as I see repeating
error patterns, I'll try to address it.  Unfortunately, to make this
flexible, it had to be a little complex.

One final note, the database of locations is only about 800 major cities.  I
can add specific locations with a valid lat/long, but haven't opened the up
to anyone yet.  We'll see if that makes sense later.

Have fun with it and do send me some feedback please.

Alan - NE1H

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