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Practical Wireless Data Modem Design book


Whilst learning about ways of providing digital satellite comms, I picked up
the following book last week:

Practical Wireless Data Modem Design
Jonathon Y. C. Cheah
Artech House Publishers 1999
ISBN 1-58053-047-8

Although aimed at the serious satellite professional, it mentions in a few
places how OSCAR satellites have been used for many years by Hams. Indeed,
one example quote:

[...LEO networks fashion the satellite communications in line with the
Amateur Radio's "OSCAR" series of satellites, which supported experimental
packet data and other analog voice traffic for many years.]

To quote again (hope I don't get subpoena'd for copyright

[...technology has come around full circle; the most modern and yet to be
deployed portable satellite communications technology today, known as the
"little LEO" networks, have their technical origins in the age-old OSCAR
series of satellites.]

It then goes on to describe a real OSCAR BPSK 400bps demodulator right down
to schematics.

Being a professional text, a lot of the content is not directly applicable
to our limited budgets, such as a 20Mbps QPSK demodulator using ASICs to
show how DirecTV style downlinks can be demodulated.

It's interesting that such a high brow publication credits the OSCAR program
with such high esteem.

73 Howard G6LVB

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