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Re: Hey Gang... DSP Modems... and EM-04

Laura Halliday wrote:

>Lessee now. With Wisp your options are Windows with a KISS TNC,
>Windows with a KISS TNC, or, just for fun, Windows with a KISS TNC.
>Other modems with serial HDLC interfaces? No.
>6Pack? No.
>Flexnet/Baycom? No.
>YAM? No.
>Sound cards? No.
>The problem, of course, is that.....
Why do you think there is a problem ?    David just wants *a* solution.
The Windows-WISP-KISS solution is used by many people,  probably even
the majority of people.   Is there a reason to think it would not be 
for David.   Is there some important capability he would be missing by not
having the flexibility to use all the combinations you mention ?

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