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My apologies too...

In a message dated 9/19/00 9:05:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Russell.K.Tillman@erdc.usace.army.mil writes:

<< As you know AMSAT is made up of numerous volunteers that do a variety of
 tasks. More help is always welcome and needed.
 Russ Tillman, K5NRK
 AMSAT Journal Editor  >>
Hi Russ,
I too hope you and subscribers to the BB will except my apologies.  To 
actually be
involved with an organization so full of talent and energy, for me as I'm 
sure for many
others who are driven to almost a fault and being part of such a team, 
pulling all the
facets of any important project together is pretty much what life is all 
My problem is, I'm just one of those who always asks "why not?"   
73 all around,  
Steve - K5PK

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