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Re: Hey Gang... DSP Modems... and EM-04

>The problem, of course, is that being built on an OS that
>has no AX.25 support, WiSP has to do it all itself. Since
>WiSP was written some time ago, it doesn't incorporate
>newer technological developments. Since WiSP is closed
>source, it can't, unless its authors decide to do it for
>us. Not that it's a bad program: it works well. Just that
>it makes it difficult to do anything else

Got you...I tend to think of M$ as the "only" option.  Guess I'm not 
thinking outside of the envelope here.


You might also want to read up on what KISS is, and what
>it does.

When the day comes that I really need to, I will.  I have enough trouble 
changing radio ports on the code for my DSP56002EVM ;-)

And, to address David's original question a little more directly---you 
might want to look at the Motorola DSP56002EVM (hard to find new/retail) 
and the TAPR Radio Interface kit.  It's a pretty slick platform, and has 
code ranging from 400 bspk (P3D telemetry), to 1200 bpsk (FO-20), to 38k4 
(UO-36), to WXSATs.  Cost used to be about $100 for the DSP board, and like 
$150-175 for the radio interface kit.  Maybe a used one can be found for 


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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