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Re: P3D testing

At 01:27 PM 9/19/2000 -0400, Howie DeFelice wrote:
>Does anyone know if during the transmitter/receiver testing they are
>characterizing transponder gain ? In other words, if we know the receiver
>gain and noise figure, the antenna gain, and the transmitter gain for each
>band, we can assemble a matrix that would allow us to calculate a link

I have repeatedly asked this question, and have carried on a long exchange 
of email with the P3D builders.  So far, I have had no success.  They seem 
not to grok the notion of "transponder gain".  Their responses always 
contain an explanation that the notion of transponder gain is meaningless 
because the transponder has AGC.  I'm glad to see that there is someone 
other than me who is interested in this subject.

I think it's pretty important to know the transponder gain.

I wish you luck.

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