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Re: Hey Gang... DSP Modems... and EM-04

Mark L. Hammond <hammond@surrealnet.net> wrote:

>Assuming David is asking about digital satellite operations, I guess I
>would pose the question--what other modes are digital satellites currently
>using?  If your modem will run in KISS mode, you can use Wisp.  I can't
>think of what else there is right now on the digital birds...

Lessee now. With Wisp your options are Windows with a KISS TNC,
Windows with a KISS TNC, or, just for fun, Windows with a KISS

Other modems with serial HDLC interfaces? No.
6Pack? No.
Flexnet/Baycom? No.
YAM? No.
Sound cards? No.

The problem, of course, is that being built on an OS that
has no AX.25 support, WiSP has to do it all itself. Since
WiSP was written some time ago, it doesn't incorporate
newer technological developments. Since WiSP is closed
source, it can't, unless its authors decide to do it for
us. Not that it's a bad program: it works well. Just that
it makes it difficult to do anything else.

This is not a universal situation: under Linux any program
that wishes to use AX.25 opens a socket with address
family AF_AX25. How that gets turned into network activity
is up to you: KISS, 6Pack, assorted FlexNet and Baycom
hardware, YAM, serial communications cards, and sound
cards. The decision is yours...

You might also want to read up on what KISS is, and what
it does.

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