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RE: This is rediculouse!...

Hi Steve:

In regards to your below post, let me openly apologize for any inferences I
may have made that nobody can volunteer for AMSAT activities. That was not
my intent, rather I simply meant to contrast your ideas and suggestions on
Phase 3D public awareness to what is going on in Kourou. (That is there is a
lot of important work going on in Kourou including the need to set up an
Internet connection and public awareness.)

As you know AMSAT is made up of numerous volunteers that do a variety of
tasks. More help is always welcome and needed.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor

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<< Thanks for your post.  Steve and I are going around and around on this
issue with both of us entrenched and unbudging in our views.  >>

Hi Keith,
Can no one make suggestions or offer up ideas, better yet volunteer there
talents for various events and activities without getting their heads bit
off around here?
To Russ and the BB:  
These are ideas folks, obviously not written in stone.  Lose the drama and
get off mine and each others backs why don't ya.


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