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Final Update - DCC Orlando, FL Sep 22-24, 2000

19th Annual ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference
Orlando, FL  September 22-24, 2000

** Final Update 9/18/2000 **

Counting down the final days until the 19th Annual ARRL/TAPR Digital
Communications Conference this weekend in Orlando, Florida.  For detailed
information about the conference, please visit the official DCC web page at

Registration for the conference will be taken at the door.  Friday
registration is for an entire afternoon APRS activities, demonstrations, and
presentations.  Saturday registration includes conference proceedings,
lunch, and a full day of presentations.  Saturday night includes Banquet,
dinner speaker, and prize drawing.  Sunday registration is for the PICmicro
Design seminar.

DCC Social:
Please join us Friday evening at 7:00 PM for a social get together time.
The social is generously hosted by the Packet Radio Users Group of Japan

PRUG Presentation:
Friday night the Packet Radio Users Group of Japan will present talks on
their progress on high-speed digital networks in Japan.

Saturday Night Banquet Speaker:
Mr. Doug Campbell, of Triton Network Systems (http://www.triton-network.com)
will be our DCC Banquet Speaker. Triton Network Systems is located in
Orlando, Florida.

Vice President Product Management, Marketing, & International Business as
Vice President of International Sales, Marketing and Product Management, Mr.
Campbell leads the assessment of global community needs and spearheads the
development of Triton Network Systems' product and marketing strategies.

Mr. Campbell cultivated his management skills in sales, marketing and
product development working 17 years for Nortel Networks. While based in
Singapore, he built a multifunctional pan-Asian team, which successfully
captured a 100% market share with MCI-WorldCom Asia, successfully
introducing a number of new products. Prior to this, Mr. Campbell was
instrumental in the establishment of an SDH broadband equipment joint
venture in China and served as a member of the company's Board of Directors.

Mr. Campbell received a Bachelor of Engineering Physics degree from the
Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Canada, and a Master of
Business Administration from IMD (University of Lausanne) in Switzerland.

Banquet Prize Drawings:
Grand Prize  Kenwood TM-D700A (donated by Kenwood)
2nd Grand Prize  Palm VII Personal Digital Assistant (donated by TAPR)
Two Motorola Oncore M12 GPS Evaluation Kits (donated by Synergy Systems,
Microchip PICSTART-PLUS PICmicro Programmer (donated by Microchip)

PIC Seminar Prize Drawing
Microchip MPLAB-ICD (donated by Microchip)

Project and Demonstration Room:
The DCC is a place where people can talk about their projects and gain ideas
for new ones.  The Project and Demonstration Room has become a recent DCC
tradition where people can bring and display their projects.  The room will
be located next to the registration room and across the hall from the main
presentation room.  The Project and Demonstration Room will open at
registration time and be closed (locked) 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday night.

Map and coordinates:
A map of the conference hotel and coordinates are available at

The following is a list of presenters.  PDF version available from

Speaking schedule (subject to change) is available from

APRS Seminar - Friday September 22, 2000

John Ackerman, N9UR       APRS WG
Steve Bible, N7HPR        T-238 Weather Station
John Blowsky, KB2SCS      APRS LOOKUP
Bob Bruninga, WB4APR      APRSdos, satellite, etc.
Steve Dimse, K4HG         Internet APRS
Walter Dunckel, KD6VYV    Serial Control of D7/D700
John Hansen, W2FS         KISS TNC, D700 Keyboard
Dale Huguley, KG5QD       Weather Server
Larry Gahagan, AB0JM      Wildfire Support
Byon Garranrant, N6BG     TinyTrack
Mike Musick, N0QBF        PalmAPRS/Tracker construction
Robert Osband, N4SCY      Public Service with APRS
Tom Schaefer, NY4I        APRS Email Gateway
Darryl Smith, VK2TDS      APRS in the 2000 Olympics
The Sprouls, WU2Z/KB2ICI  Mac/Win/XAPRS
Rob Wittner, KZ5RW        APRS-CE

Main Session, Paper Presentation - Saturday 23, 2000
Titles and abstracts are available at

EasyTrak, A PIC Based Rotor/Radio Controller Interface
By Steve Bible N7HPR

APRS Tiny Web Pages
By Bob Bruninga WB4APR

Channel Capacity Simulation of Peer-to-Peer Spread Spectrum Satellite
By Matthew Ettus N2MJI

Correlation for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
By Panagiotis Gavalas

PIC-et Radio II: How to Receive AX.25 UI Frames Using Inexpensive PIC
By John A. Hansen W2FS

Winlink 2000 ...A Global Ham Message Transfer and Deliver Network
By Hans Kessler N8PGR, Vic Poor W5SMM, Rick Muething KN6KZB, and Steve
Waterman K4CJX

Frequency Offset Acquisition and Tracking Algorithms, Part 1 and Part 2
By Mohamed K. Nezami

APRS and the TAPR EasyTrak Az/El Rotor Control System
By Keith Sproul WU2Z

APRS and Kenwood TM-D700 Voice Messaging
By Keith Sproul WU2Z and Mark Sproul KB2ICI

Internet Wide Callsign Database using LDAP
By Mark Sproul KB2ICI

Automatic Voice Relay System
By Bob Bruninga WB4APR

Introductory Sessions - Saturday 23, 2000

Intro to Packet Radio
By John Ackerman, N8UR

Intro to APRS
By Guy Story, KC5QOI

Intro to Digital Satellites
By Barry Baines, WD4ASW

Into to HF Digital

Intro to Software Defined Radios
By Steve Bible, N7HPR

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