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Hey Gang... DSP Modems... and EM-04

Hi Folks,

	I was up in EM-04 last night and tried to activate it with no 
success..  Might have just been too many trees...  I'll be back up there in 
a month or so.  Anyone know how rare that square is?

Anyway, the real question...  I want to buy a packet modem for digital 
satellite use.  Can anyone recommend one?  What should I be looking for 
anyway?  I don't know much about this aspect of it, but I've seen WISP 
used, and it looks neat.  Additionally, I'd like to try some expirementation.

I have a sound card in my PC, and wouldn't mind buying a "Rig Blaster" but 
is this type of scenario feasible?

Dave, N8KXA/5

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