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Re: A launch prep - coverage campaigne...


I don't know about US regulations, but in Canada we also alolow Marine VHF
channel 70 for general (digital) calling.  I would expect this channel to
be fairly active once Digital Selective Calling (DSC) becomes widespread.

I agree with your perspective on public service.

73 de VE7MDL                  ....Erik.

At 17:58 00/09/14 -0400, hmose@sover.net wrote:
>That's for sure. Like the two bills Clinton recently 
>vetoed (with no over-ride) the events in French 
>Guiana are going to be seen, from a GEO orbit, as to 
>only benefit the wealthy. How can anyone perceive any 
>public benefit when there is none?? As I have said on 
>this reflector before, there should be a public service 
>aspect to everything we do. In the coming days, when we 
>make public announcements about P3D, we should 
>demonstrate that we will DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE with 
>this expensive toy.
>It could watch marine digital emergency channel 70 
>(156.525 Mhz) for example and transpond onto a downlink 
>any data received. Perfectly legal as this is an 
>emergency only channel. There is a miriad of things our 
>satellites could do for the amateur community in 
>We need a Vice President for Public Service at 
>Quoting T5z4@aol.com:
>> In a message dated 9/14/00 10:39:38 AM Eastern 
>Daylight Time,
>> Russell.K.Tillman@erdc.usace.army.mil writes:
>> << I may add that
>>  I feel pretty comfortable that news will begin to 
>come out of South
>> America
>>  as they know their fellow members are very excited 
>about the event.   >>
>> I hate to say it, but this isn't about us.  It's about 
>Amateur Radio.  This
>> is a story
>> that needs to include the whole Ham community.  
>Someone earlier said it
>> best,
>> "We really do have an elitist look about us" and it 
>can be seen from a GEO
>> orbit.
>> If AMSAT wants to sell satellites it needs to open up 
>and stop acting like
>> a
>> bunch
>> of egocentric tinkerers alone in the dark, or that 
>indeed is what we will
>> be,
>> just like
>> in the good old days.  And, if we can't free up the 
>necessary resources to
>> cover
>> such a major event, lets pump the ARRL and whoever 
>else we can all dream
>> up,
>> to give Amateur Radio, not just us, but the whole 
>hobby a chance to feel
>> what
>> is
>> going on in the process using realtime techniques.  By 
>the way folks, in
>> case
>> we all
>> forgot, the internet can be accessed via satellite.  
>So, there's our line
>> out
>> of the
>> jungle.  With my own twist to an old tired saying, we 
>really do need to
>> think
>> outside
>> "our own" little box a bit more.  With that, best of 
>luck to you guys
>> headed
>> down
>> there and to those there now.  My toes, eyes and what 
>I can will be crossed
>> for you.
>> 73, Steve
>> K5PK
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