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RE: DSP based High Speed Data

> The original article was suggesting "high-speed" packet and did some
> calculations for data throughput.  The original article also 
> assumed a 20kHz
> base band bandwidth.

OK, I haven't read the original article.

> I doubt if the "soundcard" solution can get anywhere near the speeds
> mentioned in the original article and I do not know any 
> commercial sat-able
> amateur radios that have more than 5kHz baseband signal bandwidth.

At this point in time, I have to agree.  But technology marches on.  When I
was learning DSP, it was on 10 MHz 286 boxes.  We could only get sample
rates of 1 kHz on those boxes, and the results were pretty ordinary,
affected by PC timer interrupts and all sorts of other issues.  DSP on a PC
back then was just unthinkable.  Now, we know what's being done on ordinary
hardware.  Who knows what the future holds?

But for the moment, high speed DSP is the domain of dedicated DSP hardware.

> Such a radio was described as a kit in QST last year 
> (Sept-Nov1999).  THis
> would be my option if someone in the USA was prepared to do 
> another kit run.
> Although originally a normal FM/CW/SSB weak signal radio this 
> radio should
> be able to handle betwen 56k&115kbaud (by my estimates only) with only
> writing some software and adding a serial interface.

This radio looks very interesting.  Although I've got enough 2m boxes, I'd
like to build something like this for experimentation.
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