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Re: A launch prep - coverage campaigne...

>>> Lot's of very good stuff clipped >>

> Pictures of the launch campaign, live video, etc. are nice.  They help us
> who are waiting on pins and needles.  However, they do little for the
> average Joe ham who wears his shack on his belt.  The best way for Amsat
> appear non-elitist is at the local level.  By those of us who are members
> elmering other people about the birds.  By "evangelizing" the ham
> about what we do, we will be far more effective than just having pictures
> coming out of Kouru.
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D

I have locals who aren't currently satellite active asking me these
questions.  (Yes, I've had them over to my QTH make some satellite QSOs)
They wonder why the ARRL which they support gave so much money to help fund
this.  And they always ask me where can they see pictures of what's going
on.  (The web site from the lab in FL was a BIG hit!)

The guys who "wear their shack on their belt" all seem to have internet
connections.  Maybe this is just another small piece of the puzzle in
reaching them.


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