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Re: ISS/STS-106

At 07:53 PM 9/14/2000 -0700, Bob W7LRD wrote:
>I still can not get the keps that are available on the bb for STS to work
>correctly with IT.  I manually put the keps in by hitting 5 (update sat
>elements), the hit 8 (edit).  I then enter the keps in spaces provided. 
>When I look at the derived values the program says the satellite age is
>36531 days old!  The location is way off from where the ISS is.  I'm sure
>the answer is simple I just can't see it (yet).

You are fighting with the Y2K bug in InstantTrack.

On the manual edit screen, retype the date using "100" instead of "00" for the year. I think you'll find that the epoch age is then correct, and you should get good results.

Alternatively, you can run the elements through CVITK (available at http://www.amsatnet.com) and load them automatically.

Yes, a Y2K-fixed version of InstantTrack is still on the way, and still not available yet. Sigh.

73  -Paul

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