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A few comments about the Sat prediction emailer

For those that have been using it.  I've noticed a couple of things that I
didn't document.

If you get a response back that there are more that one available city.
Include an underscore for the space, but include the "," (comma)  as

For Rochester, NY

rochester,_ny would be what you'd submit for a match

Normally there aren't many duplicate city names, but I did notice this one
and figured, I'd help everyone out with the secret.

The complete command would be.

predict ao27 rochester,_ny edt 4

Again email addressed to igor@ne1h.yi.org with your callsign in the subject

This would provide a 4 day prediction for ao27 in edt based upon an observer
of Rochester, NY.

I sure hope you are finding this useful, I know I am, I use it all the time,
especially with the iss going roundy round up there.


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