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RE: DSP based High Speed Data

That was much the same as I was thinking, and worth looking into IMHO.

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> To: Tony Langdon
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> Tony Langdon wrote:
> >
> > BASIC, yes, that'd be a help, or ideally, a point and click 
> package that can
> > do a lot of the coding work, so it just needs a final clean 
> up by hand.
> You are right.   A user interface shell in Basic would be 
> good -  not a Basic
> interpreter as my earlier email said.  Intel has a great 
> library of low level routines
> for image processing and Fourier analysis that are callable 
> from high level
> languages  (free on their web site)  I've seen students use 
> the libraries under
> Visual Basic to do fairly high speed processing with little 
> effort.    The library
> routines manipulate arrays of data and the Visual Basic just 
> triggers the library
> routines.   A similar  library of functions for carrier 
> detection,  hdlc,  etc.  could
> be useful  for  ham tinkerers.
> Ken  AC1H
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