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Re: DSP based High Speed Data

Tony Langdon wrote:

> BASIC, yes, that'd be a help, or ideally, a point and click package that can
> do a lot of the coding work, so it just needs a final clean up by hand.

You are right.   A user interface shell in Basic would be good -  not a Basic
interpreter as my earlier email said.  Intel has a great library of low level routines
for image processing and Fourier analysis that are callable from high level
languages  (free on their web site)  I've seen students use the libraries under
Visual Basic to do fairly high speed processing with little effort.    The library
routines manipulate arrays of data and the Visual Basic just triggers the library
routines.   A similar  library of functions for carrier detection,  hdlc,  etc.  could
be useful  for  ham tinkerers.

Ken  AC1H

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