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Re: A launch prep - coverage campaigne...

That's for sure. Like the two bills Clinton recently 
vetoed (with no over-ride) the events in French 
Guiana are going to be seen, from a GEO orbit, as to 
only benefit the wealthy. How can anyone perceive any 
public benefit when there is none?? As I have said on 
this reflector before, there should be a public service 
aspect to everything we do. In the coming days, when we 
make public announcements about P3D, we should 
demonstrate that we will DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE with 
this expensive toy.

It could watch marine digital emergency channel 70 
(156.525 Mhz) for example and transpond onto a downlink 
any data received. Perfectly legal as this is an 
emergency only channel. There is a miriad of things our 
satellites could do for the amateur community in 

We need a Vice President for Public Service at 


Quoting T5z4@aol.com:

> In a message dated 9/14/00 10:39:38 AM Eastern 
Daylight Time,
> Russell.K.Tillman@erdc.usace.army.mil writes:
> << I may add that
>  I feel pretty comfortable that news will begin to 
come out of South
> America
>  as they know their fellow members are very excited 
about the event.   >>
> I hate to say it, but this isn't about us.  It's about 
Amateur Radio.  This
> is a story
> that needs to include the whole Ham community.  
Someone earlier said it
> best,
> "We really do have an elitist look about us" and it 
can be seen from a GEO
> orbit.
> If AMSAT wants to sell satellites it needs to open up 
and stop acting like
> a
> bunch
> of egocentric tinkerers alone in the dark, or that 
indeed is what we will
> be,
> just like
> in the good old days.  And, if we can't free up the 
necessary resources to
> cover
> such a major event, lets pump the ARRL and whoever 
else we can all dream
> up,
> to give Amateur Radio, not just us, but the whole 
hobby a chance to feel
> what
> is
> going on in the process using realtime techniques.  By 
the way folks, in
> case
> we all
> forgot, the internet can be accessed via satellite.  
So, there's our line
> out
> of the
> jungle.  With my own twist to an old tired saying, we 
really do need to
> think
> outside
> "our own" little box a bit more.  With that, best of 
luck to you guys
> headed
> down
> there and to those there now.  My toes, eyes and what 
I can will be crossed
> for you.
> 73, Steve
> K5PK
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