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Re: [aprssig] Re: Transatlatic APRS???

Concerning the Transatlantic SO35 attempt:

> I finally started getting digipeats perfectly on sked with the satellite
> at 1.5 deg here and 1 deg in Spain.  Soon KB2WQM joined in, and SUNSAT
> was sending its APRS telemetry, so My receive was working....

Looking at the packets, I copied almost a full set of APRS Whole Orbit
telemetry (17 packets) and two on board time stamps of 21:01:39 and
21:02:39.  If you copied any of these OBC status packets, they should be
in your HT's STATION list, and the UP-TIME will show.  The UP-TIMES I
copied for these two packets were 24/03:44 and 24/03:45

If you captured one, then we can see when the bird was optimum for each of

de WB4APR, Bob

P.S. I copied 19 of my own packets.

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