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Microwave antennas/Phase3D

I received the October edition of QST in the mail yesterday, and one of the
questions in "The Doctor Is In" column got me to thinking....

KF6DRI asked a question about the re-use of old Primestar 24 inch offset
dish antennas for amateur microwave antennas.  I've been wondering about
this for some time.  After Primestar was purchased by Direct TV and started
converting all of their customers, they left behind (commercially) useless
antennas and receiver units.  They left me with one of the larger 36" by 24"
Primestar antennas.

After looking around at W1GHZ's web site (http://www.w1ghz.cx
<http://www.w1ghz.cx> ), I got the impression that these antennas are fairly
easy to modify for use in the amateur band from 1.2ghz through 10ghz (maybe
24 Ghz?), at least for downlink purposes.

I'm just getting started in the microwave bands, and my antenna theory isn't
all that great, but if someone designed a kit for an LNB, and had some plans
drawn up....  It seems to me that a dish like this would be pretty easy to
mount on a az/el rotator cross boom.

Do any of you know of any work that has been done converting these discarded
dish antennas?  They're everywhere, and available pretty much for the
asking.  This might be a way to get many more people active in the microwave
bands so we can keep them!

If anyone has (or is willing to) work out the LNB/tuning issues, I would be
more than happy to do the mounting/positioning/aiming ground work for an
article or website.  Plus, I would really like to reuse that dish that I
can't bear the thought of throwing out.

Also, what about the receiver?  Any parts in there we can use?

Samuel, W7YYY

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