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Re: [Fwd: P3D launch prep...]

We all want a successful launch!  We all want P3D to be bug free and perform
flawlessly for many years.  The persons involved are working very hard to
make this happen.  Thank you to the persons making this happen!!!!

We don't like to talk about it, but AMSAT has a public relations problem.  I
am judging this totally from my experience in the U.S..  I am not referring
to the amsat-bb crowd, but the amateur community in general. They view amsat
as a group of "techno-elitists".  The couple of extra minutes a day it takes
to snap and upload a couple of digital pictures could go a long way to
alleviate this problem.  Let's put a real face on the launch campaign.
Let's see our fellow hams making it happen every step of the way.  Let John
Q. Public ham see where his $$ have gone and more importantly make an effort
to have him feel he is part of the project.  Let's generate some excitement
about this project outside of the amsat community.  Who knows we may even
find some new members long the way?

Several others have volunteered to assist in providing web space to cover
these events.   I would be delighted to do so as well, but I don't think it
is necessary.  The place for this info is http://www.amsat.org .  All I am
asking for is a jpeg or two every other day or so accompanied by a couple
lines of text.  There are plenty of folks (including me)  not at the launch
site that would be delighted to convert this to html.  The pictures don't
have to be big staged productions just views of what's going on and/or
(maybe even better) who's doing the work.

This is my opinion.


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