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Re: [Fwd: P3D launch prep...]

Hello Jon!

13 Sep 00 23:32, you wrote to Paul Williamson:

 JO> And I would rather have that person who would be assigned to uploading
 JO> pictures and generating a web site work to add one more goodie to P3D
 JO> or fix one minor bug, etc.  There is ALL the time in the world to put
 JO> pictures up AFTER P3D is safely in orbit.  There is NOT a lot of time
 JO> to fix any possible problems, add extra goodies, etc.  Let's leave the
 JO> team alone and let them do their job.  I am very happy to wait until
 JO> after launch to see any pictures.

I feel much the same.  As long as the pictures are there, they can be uploaded
anytime, and after the launch is as good a time as any.

As you say, their expertise may be better utilised at this point in time.

Tony, VK3JED

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