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RE: DSP based High Speed Data

> We need to make DSP easier for Hams to tinker with.  Every 
> ham, who wants
> to, should be able to afford a DSP system that is fiddle friendly.
> Maybe it is already out their in the ADSP-2100 Evaluation 
> Platform, someone
> just needs to add some user friendly software.

That's relly the issue, the "fiddle factor" (how easy it is to tinker with)
and the cost.

Seems the hardware cost is now at affordable levels for reasonable DSP
hardware.  Someone may want to comment on the current state of development
software.  I suspect that's still designed more with engineers in mind, but
if a company will release enough information about their platform, there's
no reason why it couldn't be retro-fitted with more "amateur friendly"
software, suited to weekend tinkering.

Address these two issues, and I'll definitely add high speed DSP to the
shack.  In my case, the programming issue is that I'm not really a
programmer.  Need to brush up on DSP (been around 10 years since I looked at
it closely), but I'd need something to help with the coding side.  I decided
programming wasn't something I could stick at for too long, despite not
doing bad at it.
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