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do you need ap2aum on satellite

if you need ap2aum on satellite, i will arrange for him to be on a leo 
satellite on a friday afternoon or sunday morning. he can work almost any 
of the leos (analog only). 

if you live in europe, africa or asia and would like a contact, please email 
me (not the list). give what friday afternoon or sunday morning would be 
best for you. also indicate what satellite is best. as i am not in that area, i 
do not know if qrm makes one satellite less usable than another. i will see 
which one is most requested and set it up with asad. i am going to see if 
he can work a friday afternoon and then the sunday morning. that way, 
those that might not be able to get off work on a friday will have sunday. 
also, if he has any problems, that will give a safety net. 

i don't believe there are any mutual windows on ao-10 for north/south 
america as it requires the satellite to be almost at full apogee to make 
that contact.

if you do make a contact with asad, i will be happy to issue your qsl card. 
i will have the log from him but i would need a sas and 1 irc to mail it back 
to you.

qsl manager for ap2aum

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