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Re: Small dish TV question

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Frank Grossman wrote:

> The vote seems rather unanimous that one should not a locate a DBS dish
> in an attic--too much attenuation!

Agreed completely. But... if you have an overriding reason to put it
there, then...

I have one mounted on a rolling camera tripod  for our students to use in
our "antenna" labs where we introduce them to Satellite systems and
antennas.  We roll it outdoors for the lab.  But it also receives DBS just
fine looking through the 1" thick metal coated tinted school windows which
I can barely even hit the local repeater through.

The alignment is more critical, because of the added attenuation, but
remeber, it is digital.  If you get the signal above digital threshold,
then the picture is perfect.  Yes, you have given up several dB of margin
for severe rain storms, but all the rest of the time, it could work.

Its only an appliance.  Just open the box, hook it up on the living room
floor and give it a try. But be warned, you wont see ANYTHING until the
dish is pointed within 1 degree of the satellite, AND you must be there
for about 5 full seconds before the signal pops up (takes it time to
sync).  Hand held just wont do. Bolt it to a piece of wood so that you can
make these small 1 deg adjustments slowly.  Also, DO IT OUTSIDE first.
There you will get about 3 deg worth of slop due to the stronger signal...
Once you find the satelite and can re-find it repeatedly, then go inside
and give it a try...


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