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Re: P3D launch prep photo documentation...

Hi Jim, Steve, et.al.

In reference to the below discussion on this topic, the AMSAT News Service,
AMSAT WWW page and The AMSAT Journal anticipate to be one of many vehicles
for keeping our fellow members up-to-date on the Phase 3D launch campaign.
All of these AMSAT communication mechanisms have a certain role and unique
capabilities in getting news out on the Phase 3D launch and accordingly have
been busy preparing plans and coordinating such efforts.

Last week before his departure, I had the opportunity to talk with Lou
McFadin, W5DID about the Phase 3D launch campaign. While they have much on
their plates, he mentioned that he is very well aware that their efforts are
of much interest to AMSAT members around the world. As a result, he did say
that while in French Guiana, they would try and obtain Internet access to
relay pre-launch developments to the above mentioned vehicles as well as our
fellow AMSAT organizations.  Lou did mention that obtaining Internet access
was one of many important priorities that the team hopes to successfully
handle in due time.  However please keep in mind the magnitude and
difficulty of their job of getting Internet access given their location and
other task(s) at hand.

BTW, the next issue of The AMSAT Journal contains an very good lead article
by Lou that goes into details on the variety of activities must be performed
to get Phase 3D ready and integrated to the Ariane 5. This article should
provide you with good basic knowledge on what has to be done to Phase 3D so
you can track actual developments via ANS and WWW AMSAT. (There are also
articles on the Phase 3D laser project, Mode L/S antenna for Phase 3D, and
Part 2 of Ed Krome's gooding article on preparing for Phase 3D microwave
bands. Plus lots of other good stuff!) This issue is presently at the
printer and should be members' mailboxes no later than 30SEP00.

I hope this helps.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor

>In a message dated 9/12/00 2:13:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>jim@coloradosatellite.com writes:
><< I'm told there are some folks all set to provide regular updates via
> special ANS releases.  That's the way to get the latest info to the most
> folks quickly.  Keep an eye open for them.
> Jim >>
>Oh good, that's what I was hoping we might hear.  Thanks again there Jim.

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