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P3D launch prep ...

In a message dated 9/12/00 4:54:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:

<< Ya know, there is something very valid in the idea of taking some last
 minute pictures of the satellite on the pad.  Let do it!  Cliff K7RR >>
Hey Cliff,
Thanks for your input.  I think you've often had some pull in the pre-launch 
prep of
our birds.  Is this something you might be able to take on for the rest of us 
in the
background?  Here's another thought.  ESA may even have their own Public 
people who do this sort of thing and can assist in photo
documentation/dissemination.  Come to think of it, here's a no brainer for 
us.  Our
very own ARRL is in a prime position to report on Ham Radio history in the 
Anyway,  I just hope we can bring it all together for the Amateur community, 
it the necessary sense of participation even if only vicariously.  As NASA 
well knows,
this sort of thing goes a long way to insuring future support and mustn't be 
lightly.  If AMSAT is to see a long and prosperous future, a proper publicity 
may well be what insures future "launch campaigns".  This association has so 
talent in it's midst, it must somehow be made to happen...  Thanks again 
Cliff for 
your reply.
73, Steve
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