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IF bandwidths

OK this might be a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway.

I have an AR5000 receiver which has selectable IF bandwidths of 3, 6, 15,
30, 110 and 220kHz.

Now if I also did the half dozen or so component alterations to a G3RUH
modem to 38.4kHz, and assuming my TNC could handle it, do you think I would
I be able to RX the 38.4kHz from UO-36?

There's a second part to the question: although not needed for UO-36 as it's
a 9600 uplink, is it possible to send more than 9600 successfully into a
radio's TXD (I'm thinking of an FT-847)? I guess I'm really asking if
there's any AF filtering stopping this.

Or do I just buy the Symek and an IF card? Or write some DSP... (only

74 Howard

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