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Satellite precition emailer


I tested this with a few of you, but I've added to it and so I figured I'd
document it and throw it out once again.

For those first timers.  I've created an email response engine to generate
satellite pass predictions.  You can select the satellite, the location you
want the predictions for and the timezone you'd like the dates and times
printed in.  You can now also select the number of days that you'd like to
receive pass predictions.

The basic mechanism is as follows.

Send an email to igor@ne1h.dyndns.org
Subject - Your callsign
Body - one line command as detailed below.  You can place more than one
command in an email, just make sure they are on separate lines


help - gives you a listing of commands (yes, I know this one has some
duplicates, I'm working on it)

commands - same as help above

weather - for what it's worth, gives you the weather from my personal
weather station, mostly useful for my 2way pager

forecast [county | list] - returns the NOAA forecast for a give county.
Right now only Georgia is supported.  This command will default to
"gwinnett" county in Georgia USA, if you don't specify the county, if you
do, it needs to be a valid Georgia county for now.  I may add other states
and counties later.  If you specify 'list', it will return a listing of the
available counties.

forecast  - will retrieve gwinnett county noaa forecast
forecast hall - will retrieve hall county NOAA forecast

Satellite [satname | list] - this will use 'predict' to retrieve the current
location of ao-27 by default and the next aos for it.  'list' will retrieve
the current listing of available satellites.

satellite  - will retrieve current position and next aos for ao-27
satellite uo14 - will retrieve current position and next aos for uo-14

Predict [satname | list] [location] [timezone] [days] - this will use
SatTrack to provide a printable listing of predicted passes for a satellite.
Again ao-27 is the default.  You can provide a satname or 'list' as above.
Also you can specify a location.  This needs to be a major city near you.
Most of the major metro areas are there based upon the people that have used
it to date.  Timezone needs to be a USA version of edt,est, etc or it can
also be utc (only USA timezone are directly supported, I'm working on the
rest of the world.)  Finally, days is the number of days of prediction you'd
like.  Order is important so make sure you match the number of parameters.
You can leave the last one out if you like and it will default to 2 days.


predict - will predict ao-27 for buford, ga with EDT and 2 days
predict uo22 los_angeles PDT 7 - will predict uo-22 for Los Angeles, CA with
PDT and 7 days worth of passes.

Have fun with it and provide me feedback.  I do have the ability to add a
specific lat/long to give completely customizable printouts.  I'll let you
know when I'm ready to accept specifics.

If you have any questions, make sure you email those to ne1h@ne1h.dyndns.org

Alan - NE1H

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