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Re: Kenwood TH-D7 MK2 ????

In a message dated 9/12/00 8:30:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
na9d@mindspring.com writes:

> The TH-D7A(G) has many fixes including cross band packet capability.
>  Unfortunately, it does not have KISS mode.  BUMMER!


My TH-D7A(G) has Kiss Mode........ Send "KISS ON" and then "RESTART" to the 
modem and you're in KISS. True it is not mentioned in the manual (actually it 
is as a footnote in one section), but send "DISP" to the modem and you'll see 
a command list that includes KISS.

HOWEVER, there are problems with the D7(G) with the PacSats.
I spent a few days during vacation this year specifically working with WiSP 
and the D7(G) on KO-25 and UO-22. Here's what I found. If anyone has any 
different findings, please let me know! I specifically bought the D7(G) in 
hopes of using it for portable PacSat work.

#1  The serial port is hardcoded to 9k6. I could forsee this being a problem 
with overrun on the 9k6 birds. 19k2 would have been better. During my tests I 
didn't see this specific problem, but read on.....

#2  In an average 15 minute pass I was able to only copy a maximum of 3 
minutes worth of data. I believe the reason to be the 5 Khz frequency steps. 
I was seeing full scale S meter readings, but unable to decode any data. I 
think it's because the receiver passband wasn't wide enough. When I did 
decode data, my tracking program indicated doppler was "favorable" frequency 
wise based on the frequency I had selected for receive.

#3  KISS mode is partially broken on the D7(G)! The radio will recieve/decode 
OK, and will transmit even with a signal being recieved on the other band 
(This was the original problem I was aware of with the (A) version). but it 
only transmits garbage. I was unable to connect, request DIR etc.
I used a KISS implementation of PMP I have for my EVM-RI with the D7(G) and 
tried to connect to a local packet node, but was unable to do so. When I 
listened to the data being tranmitted, it sound like the modem was only 
sending mark/space, but no data........ :-{ I have had no time to hook up my 
old KPC-3 to decode the data that the D7(G) is sending.

Once again, I want to emphasize these are my observations and may be in 
error. If anyone has gotten further along with the D7(G) with the PacSats 
than this, please let me know! Specifically I would love to find more info on 
the TASCO modem chip set used in the D7(G).

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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