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Re: Re: PSK, what is BPSK?

> Christopher Cox <cobox@urec.net> wrote:
> >Well Laura, no reason to waist a few transistors where a
> >few thousand could do the job....:-)
> No TNC has a "few" transistors. They have many thousands.
> There is also the issue of component availability: they
> just don't make the parts for G3RUH modems any more. So
> you either do it in DSP, or you don't do it at all.

There exists new developed FSK modems for G3RUH-FSK from
SYMEK in Germany, which do NOT use DSP but which are able
to transmit and receive FSK signals with up to 614 kBaud.
(TX+RX simultaneously). Compared to DSP, the 'hardware' modems
offer much higher speed and better $/baud ratio as DSP.
For speeds of 38k, 76k and higher, DSP is still too expensive.

I agree: For low speed, DSP is best. But speed is limited.

73! Ulf, DK9SJ@amsat.org

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